the propensity for making fortuitous discoveries while looking for something unrelated.

1. it’s almost time for me to leave my current internship :(
2. i decide it’s time to update my portfolio, website, etc – i think they all should have the same theme for the moment
3. i start by changing my background in twitter
4. i find naomi, a fellow classmate and friend from school
5. i look through the people she follows – ladies of letterpress?
6.  i request admission to the ‘group’, without even having a press, yet!
7. i am permitted to join and i create a blog there
8. with an over abundance of enthusiasm, i try to befriend all letterpress peeps in canada
9. one fellow lady of letterpress says she would gladly take apprentices
10. i jokingly mention that i need an internship as well

the rest, my friends is history [or my story, it seems]

now wait…this isn’t the only time this has happened
it happens more often than i think
here’s how this one started…

1. i’m going to the One of a Kind Craft Show with my friend – we go every time it’s here, but I wasn’t going to go with her this time, her mom was going to be in town – as fate had it, though, we both could go on the first night
2. the person i was going to go with was ill, and gave me her 1/2 price coupon [is this really a #2? well, maybe i just like the 1/2 off part ;D]
3. on a little stand, in the middle of the show, i spot some letterpress cards
4. i stand and admire them a little longer than the average person does…so the artist comes to talk with me
5. “i have always wanted a press”, i squeal [well, ok, maybe it wasn’t a squeal, but it was certainly…um…said with full enthusiasm
6. “do you have a press?”, he asks
7. “no, i can’t afford it at the moment” [heavy sigh]
8. “i know someone who is selling theirs” [birds chirp, flowers bloom and tears flow at this point]
9.  ”i also know where you can take a course to learn how to use a press” [ok, the red sea is truly parted now]
10. “who do i write the cheques out to?” [i giggle uncontrollably :) ]

that, is the rest of herstory


i have not rec’d an internship nor have i bought a press, YET
cross your eyes and fingers in hopes that all will go well – thanks!

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