i haven’t written in so long
and so much has happened since the last post!
let’s go over the highlights :)

1. in june, i was allowed to graduate – yeah!!
that was great for me – i wasn’t expecting it, but it did make me happy
i wish mammi & papa could have known about it, i suppose they knew i would do it
i was pleased to be the only one with honours in the class [80%+] and i was the highest ranking student
yeah, me!

2. that night, as well, the book i started for tyncel was also completed
tracey asked me to present the book to her parents and i was more than happy to do so
it was quite emotional and, as per usual, i soon forgot what i said – i am hoping it was alright
the book was beautiful – so many pages of love for a sweet girl gone too soon
we also wore sunflower pins – it was fun to wear my sunflower dress, too

3. the day after graduation, i headed to kingston to take my first letterpress course
well, that was outstanding!
margaret lock, author and presswoman extraordinaire, was our teacher
she has a studio in the back of her house wherein she has a nice vandercook slim ;)
the cost: $185 for 2 full days of learning
i absolutely loved it

4. while in Kingston, i met with Hugh Barclay (http://theehellbox.wordpress.com/)
i spent a few hours learning about his press and what he has done at wayzgoose, etc
well, i also bought an adana 2 from him :)
my first press was finally mine!
well, it has a few things that need adjusting [ink wheel spinning uncontrollably, find some guides]
but i’m very happy with it!
hugh cut me some furniture, but i still don’t have any type to use
how exciting!

5. well after that glow subsided, i was on my way to bermuda!
i stayed a few nights with my brother and sister in law in albany then with a fellow cruiser, paula, that we met on our last cruise
it was extremely hot, that’s one thing that i didn’t find so pleasing, but, everything else was lovely
the best part? renting a scooter on bermuda – i felt so alive!!
i would do that again in a minute!
perhaps i’ll get one for home :)

6. while in Bermuda, i luckily checked my email [at the library, of course!] and found out that i was accepted to mark eqao again – yippee!!
so when i returned, i spent a week making money!
i lived with lina out in the west end and as compensation, we redid her bathroom :)
white paint, hooks, a new light – looks great! i just have to get some nice green or teal towels and a picture to complement the still green tiles in the shower stall

7. after that week of work, i enjoyed a week of type camp – i’m going to write another post on that

8. i spent the weekend recuperating from a bad chest cold
however, today, i went out and have all but paid for a new press
talk about going from one extreme to another *grin*
it’s a fully mechanical Miehle V-50 – 14″x20″ chase – that can perforate, die cut, score, number and of course, print
now…to get it here!


i feel totally blessed that all of these things came my way
i really do live a charmed life so often
i’m fortunate right now that my inheritance paid for a lot of these things – and will for a while to come
i will have to have the v-50 overhauled, i’m thinking – and that will cost quite a bit
thanks, mammi and papa – i couldn’t have done these things without you
i was so sad, though, today – i thought about how much papa would have liked this press and would have helped me to fix and have it working perfectly
i will miss the help and the arguing about what would be best, etc.
he really would have loved to have tinkered on it
i still miss you both so much

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